This page serves to inform the reader about the purpose of this website and who I, Tauheed Elahee, am.

About this Website

The main website has a single purpose. That purpose is to document my existance. It is in essessence a kind of living autobiography, where I, Tauheed Elahee, the author can make changes as I please during the course of my existance without the need of going through a publisher and cost associated of putting it in print. Considering the vastnesss of the world wide wibe and the position of this website within it, I view this similar to graffiti on well preserved ancient walls. The main target of this website is people who live in the future and myself.

The sections of this website are as follows:

Page Short Description Last Updated
Home Landing page for the website. 2020-02-15
About The purpose of this website and a short summary about me. 2020-03-01
Blog Stuff I write. 2020-03-01
Portfolio Stuff I did. 2020-03-01
Quotes Stuff I found from other places I want other people to know about. 2020-03-01
Resume Resume meant for employers and talent recruiters. 2020-03-01
Support Links to help me live. 2020-03-01

The webhosting cooperative that I use also hosts my own personal, privacy respecting suite of cloud services, namely my own NextCloud (Google Drive replacement) instance and my own email service.

About Tauheed Elahee

I exist. Stuff to be written here. Probably going to be a short summary of some stuff, a timeline and a list of achievements.